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Airedale terrier is also known as ‘the king’ of the terrier breed. Other names of these dogs are Bingley terrier and Waterside terrier. The name ‘Airedale’ was derived from river Aire and they are native of Yorkshire (United Kingdom). Airedale terriers are commonly used as police dogs or working dogs. They are the largest amongst all the terriers and were first bred in Otter hound in 1906 for hunting otters in the rivers and rats on land. They were produced by crossing the Welsh terrier or the Tan terrier with the Otter hound. These dogs are very tough and are known to go deep in the ground and hunt for rats by their powerful scenting and retrieving ability. They are also known as sporting dogs and they also assist their masters in poaching and hunting games. They can even fight and win bull terriers.

The Airedale terrier club of America was founded in 1900 and in 1910 it started a parent club show which offers Airedale trophies (with names of the winners engraved) for the various events and competitions organized in the show.

General Appearance

The following are general characteristics of Airedale terrier:-

• They belong to the terrier breed group.

• They have a height of 1 ft. 9 in to about 2ft.

• These dogs weigh about 40 to 60 pounds.

• Airedale terrier has a life span of 10 to 13 years.

• These dogs are black in color with tan heads and legs /black coat with red lines.

• They usually give birth to 9 puppies.

• They have a broken coat and the coat fur is rough and wiry.

• The tail is erect, long and fluffy in nature.

Personality traits

Airedale terrier have personality traits just like any other dog, however, it has certain unique dog instincts. When these dogs are kept as pets, you may wonder where did your socks, undergarments, toys and other things sometimes got misplaced! Well these animals are very fond of collecting human belongings. They collect it and make a heap as if they are its lifelong treasure!

They go well with other animals and are an adoring pal. They protect children and are idol babysitters. However, you should never leave them unsupervised. Airedales love to be with their masters. These dogs socialize very well and greet you and the persons they know in a very friendly manner.

Airedale terrier are very fond of chewing, they will chew almost everything and anything when they feel like. So, in order to avoid mess, make sure that you provide them with dog bones and other toys in their kennel.

Other common personality traits include barking at unknown people, digging soils and chasing small animals.

These animals are friendly, courageous and are readily adaptable.

Eating habits

The dogs are recommended to be fed with high quality dog foods (like Dr. Tim

dog food, Acana dog foods or Pedigree). The amount of dog food to be given depends upon your dog’s metabolism, weight, height, age, infections and the amount of exercise it does. The packed dry dog food shall contain digestible lamb and rice meal. Ideal dog food quantity for Airedale terriers for various age groups are given below:-

• 6 to 8 week puppy – 4 small meals (0.25 cups each/day)

• 10 to 12 week puppy – 3-4 meals (0.50 cups each/day)

• 6 month dog – 2 meal per day (1 to 1.5 cups each/day)

• One year and above – 2 meals per day (2 to 2.5 cups each/day) and small snacks in between shall be idol.

Idol Sources of daily dietary requirements:-

• Proteins – organic meat, muscle meat, eggs and milk (proteins level should never increase more than 25% for dogs of 4-5 month age.

• Vegetables – Corn, Soybean and other cereals.

• Dietary supplements – Vitamin A, Folic acids, Riboflavin, Vitamin B Complex and minerals such as iron, copper, zinc and others.

Health and Immunizations

Puppies need to regularly exercise to grow up properly. They should never be under exercised or over exercised.

Good sanitation should be maintained to keep these dogs away from diseases. Everything, right from food they eat, water they drink, toys they play with and their kennels should be kept sanitized and disinfected time to time. The pets should be trained for passing their urinals in the desired area. Special care and attention shall be taken for potential flea, ticks and lice which can cause parasitic and bacterial infections. If ticks got stuck on your dog then get them removed painlessly from a registered vet.

The following are compulsory immunizations your dog shall be given at a prescribed age:-

• Rabies

• Parainfluenza

• Influenza

• Hepatitis

• Leptospirosis

• Distemper

• Parvovirus and,

• Coronavirus

Dogs are prone to diarrhea, autoimmune diseases and hypothyroidism with age. They should be taken to vets for regular checkups so that these diseases can be controlled at the correct time and eventually will help in expanding the life span of your dogs.

Nails should be trimmed at regular intervals (in every two months). As you groom, you should look for any signs of redness, discharge, inflammation of skin, tenderness, sores, rashes or any other signs of diseases.

Before purchasing a dog, you should have enough knowledge about the breed, how to keep them well and what shall be their requirements. Insufficient and inadequate knowledge will lead to poor health and increase the chances of potential diseases. Be sure you give enough time, care and attention to your dog. Regularly play with them and treat him as your family member. You may either buy a dog or adopt a dog from various state agency adoption services such as from Airedale club of America’s rescue committee and other organizations.

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