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airedale puppies




In 2002 we bought our first Airedale. My father had an Airedale named Scout as a child and we grew up hearing endless adventures my dad and Scout had. My dad Kept a huge jar in his office where he put all of his spare change. He told us that when that jar was full we would buy an Airedale of our own and we would have countless adventures with it like he did with Scout. That jar started it all; in 2002 the jar was full and we bought our first Airedale. My dad told us we could name her and we named her Lady Lion Klotzle. Lady from Lady and The Tramp, Lion because dad told us Airedales used to hunt lions, and Klotzle because thats our last name. We called her Lady for short and she was everything my dad said she would be. We soon fell in love with Airedale's, bought a male and started breeding them.

We have owned a lot of Airedale's since then and have loved everyone of them. We strive to produce near perfect puppies, and have gotten close to 100% positive responses including phone calls, post cards, pictures and email's along with countless compliments about our dogs and puppies. All of our puppies are around people and children since the day of their birth and are extremely friendly and social. Our puppies make great family pets, watchdogs, companions, and hunting dogs.

We had been successful breeding Airdales for 8 years when we decided it would be fun to expand into another breed. The problem was

that we just love Airedales so much we didn't have a clue which breed would be as incredible as an Airedale. We talked to a lot of peope and other breeders and found a breed that we knew right away was perfect for us: the Welsh Terrier! They are extremely similar to an Airedale except much smaller. The Welsh Terriers are about 30-40 lbs lighter than an Airedale (they weigh about 20lbs). When we had finally picked our breed we looked for a very long time to find the right ones for us. Our family is spread across the country in Arizona, Iowa, and Oregon, and in June of 2009 we were all planning to meet in Colorado for a family reunion. We found a breeder in Missouri with puppies available. On our drive home from our family reunion we picked up Sadie. We all fell in love with her immediately and she made the remaining 11 hours of our drive home very fun, entertaining and memorable. It was so much fun and a great bonding time with Sadie! We found Cooper from a breeder in Kentucky a short time after we brought Sadie home. They hit it off right away and have been fast friends since! They are both wonderful dogs and are a great addition to our family! We kept Zeva from a litter of Sadies puppies, her dad was a friend of ours male welsh. She is a ball of fun!

We live in Ohio, outside of the small town of Marshallville in the country. We have 12 acres of land where our dogs can run, hunt, and play.We love Airedales and breeding them and find great joy and satisfaction in knowing we sell an amazing dog that will make someone a great companion.

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