Airedale kennels

airedale kennels

Our Role

Litters are whelped and raised entirely within our home where they receive constant care and attention. From an early age we begin teaching our pups important behaviors that will ease the transition into their new homes. We don’t guarantee that they will have mastered these skills by the time they go home with you, but the foundation will be there for continued training.

Potty training should always start with the breeder. Just as a mother wolf cleans up after her newborn cubs in the den, we also keep the whelping box clean of all excrement. This helps the puppies learn not to potty where they sleep. As soon as the pups begin walking on their own, we set up designated sleeping, eating, and potty areas. It is extraordinary how quickly they catch on to the system. As they get older, we begin taking them outside to do their business. This is a very successful method for early housebreaking and as a result you will have a much easier time potty training your new puppy.

We handle, hold, and play with our puppies every day. The puppies are handled by children and are

introduced to other dogs in our extended family. We practice with a collar and leash as well as have free play time to explore in the yard. They also have their own playground filled with all sorts of toys, tunnels, stairs, ramps and other unfamiliar objects.

We introduce our puppies to early grooming practices, as this can be a scary event for many dogs. We practice standing on a grooming table to be brushed and inspected. We also get them accustom to sounds such as blow-dryers and clippers.

For many puppies the first night away from their littermates is extremely traumatizing. They spend nights whining, crying and keeping you awake. We try to eliminate some of this headache by introducing each puppy to a crate early on. Crate training is very helpful in housebreaking your puppy. It teaches them to hold their need to eliminate and if taken outside immediately after being removed from their crate, it also teaches them where to potty. We let each puppy explore the crate by itself for short periods of time when they’re little and give them lots of praise so they know it's a happy, safe place to be!.

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