Airedale General Hospital

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Hospital Name: Airedale General Hospital

Address: Skipton Road Steeton

City: West Yorkshire

Postcode: BD20 6TD

Phone Number: 01535 652511

Local Directions: By Bus Buses run between the hospital and Keighley, Skipton, Burnley, Ilkley and Silsden. The services stop in the hospital grounds or on the main road outside the hospital. Timetables are available at main reception. For timetables and other bus information contact Keighley & District Travel, Bus Station Townfieldgate, Keighley BD21 3NP - Telephone 01535 603284

Other Names For Hospital: Airedale General Hospital

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Car Parking: On-site car parking is available.

Disabled Parking: Disabled parking is available.

Parking Info: Parking is available in the West Car Park and other signposted visitor car parks around the hospital. Parking is pay and display. Weekly tickets for visitors are available from the Car Parking Booth, across from the entrance to the West Car Park

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Treatments offered: alzheimer's disease, aphasia, cartilage damage, cerebrovascular disease (d), cervical spondylosis, charcot-marie-tooth disease, dementia, dystonia, epilepsy, frozen shoulder, headache, huntington's disease, irritable hip, kyphosis, m

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