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Hitler Trained Dogs To Talk.

Indian Philosophy classifies Beings into categories-


Grass/Plant Life,those that crawl,Animals,Human Beings,Highly evolved Human Beings (Devas),Asuras,Yakshaas,Kinnaras,Kimpurudas,Gandharvas,Nagas.

However each of them has Consciousness,but the ability to identify Consciousness is less pronounced in them than human beings.

Discriminating powers in their own realm of  operations is as good or as bad as that of Human beings.

The difference between the beings is one of degree and not of kind.

The ability to interact with each other is limited because of their realm of Existence in Time  and Space.

Please read my blog on ‘Time-a non-linear theory.

In the final analysis every thing in the world is Attributeless Reality which appears to have names and forms.


The Nazis were sentimental enthusiasts who were really fond of animals and liked the idea that dogs were intelligent and could communicate with people,” Bondeson told AOL Weird news.

Under trainer Margarethe Schmitt’s direction, the institute trained dogs  such as Rolf the Airedale terrier. who was said to be able to discuss religion, contemplate complex mathematics and communicate with humans by tapping out an alphabet code using his paw.

Another dog, Kurwenal, supposedly cracked jokes like a comedian and was a symbol of the educated canines of Germany .

But Hitler’s presumable pick of the litter was a pooch named Don, who apparently barked “Mein Fuhrer ” when asked who Adolf Hitler was…..

The “Wooffan SS” experiment was uncovered by Dr. Jan Bondeson. a senior lecturer at Cardiff University .

“There were some very strange experiments going on in wartime Germany  with regard to the dog-human communication,” Bondeson told the Daily Telegraph.

“Hitler was himself interested in the prospect of using educated dogs in the war effort, and he advised representatives of the German army to study their usefulness in the field,” he continued.

According to the report, one of the dogs speculated about religion, learned foreign languages and wrote poetry.

The dog school was based in Leutenburg and was led by headmistress Margarethe Schmitt. The school continued throughout World War II ….

This appeared to be borne out in 1910 when Don the Speaking Dog came to fame. Asked his name by a journalist who visited him at his home in a village near Hamburg, the dog apparently barked a gruff ‘Don’ in reply.

When asked ‘What do you have?’ he replied ‘hunger’ (the same word in German as in English). And when pressed on what he would like to eat, he demanded ‘kuchen’ (cakes).

Don soon became an international celebrity, earning a fortune for his owner as he appeared in music halls and variety theatres across the world.

During seasons in New York, he outshone all other acts on the bill, including The Man With the seventeen-foot beard and two tap-dancing midgets.

One sceptical animal psychologist captured one of Don’s performances using an early recording device. Editing out the questions from Don’s owner since they might give some clue as to his answers, he played it to people who had never heard Don ‘speak’ before.

At first these uninitiated listeners could make out only two of 16 words, finding it difficult to distinguish his ‘hunger’ from his ‘haben’ (German for ‘have’), but then Don flabbergasted them all.

During a show in Germany, a vicar had objected that a talking dog was an abomination of God’s will, at which point Don unexpectedly exclaimed ‘Hallelujah’.

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