Airedale adoption

airedale adoption

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

Airedales for Adoption

Irish (14-013-OH)

Weight: 77 pounds

State: Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-541-0166

WANTED: Human male adopter to bond with!

My name is Irish and I'm 8.5 years young.  My life changed suddenly about a year ago when my elderly human male died and I found myself uprooted and put into rescue.  Man, did I miss him, but the nice people at SOAR seemed to understand.  While they began helping me adjust mentally, they told me I needed some TLC for my physical ailments also.  I had several different infections and was in a lot of pain with my displaced knee caps due to having bowed rear legs.  They promised me they would help me find another human male to love again, but the first order of business was to address my physical pain.

With SOAR's backing and my foster momma's help, I met some very nice ladies at the Animal Rehab Facility in Dexter. They put me through the paces with many different exercises which included the hydro treadmill.  I didn’t think I would like the water that much, but it was nice and warm and made me feel good while I worked out.  You oughta see my muscles now!  They also treated me to cold laser treatments and chiropractic adjustments.  I never thought that cracking my bones would make such a difference but now I like those the best.  Dr. Mary works magic with her hands!  Boy have I learned a lot!

You can view a video of my transformation on the link below. I am the handsome one in case you can’t tell.  ;-)

My foster momma takes me for several walks each day.  I'm very well behaved on leash and pride myself on sniffing out rodents.  I wasn't a touchy feely kinda guy before coming into rescue as I was in pain from my condition, but with my foster momma's patience and encouraging words, I now enjoy being groomed.  I am a very handsome boy and she knows how to bring out the best in a guy!

Even though I have foster doggie siblings, I'd much rather have a home all to myself, except for a human male to bond with, of course!  My foster momma has been great but she can tell I am missing a man presence in my life.  I promise I'll even share my male human with his significant other.  I absolutely love car rides, walks where I can explore new places, being silly with my big red plastic ball toys, and meeting new people.  However, I need dedicated, patient humans willing to love me as I am.  After all, I gotta be me.  In return I will show you never ending loyalty and appreciation.

Will you be the one to help me make new memories?

Click on the word "Post" for a Facebook video of Irish

Post by Darla Dickensheets

Luna (14-050-IN) - Adoption Pending

Age: 2.5 years

Weight: 47 pounds

Sex: Female

State:   Indiana

Contact: Lynn O'Shaughnessy at 517-546-8303 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Luna.  I am a 2.5 year old female.  I am on the small side at 47 pounds and just under 20 inches tall.   For the past 2 to 3 months, I have been working to become the best, strongest me I can be.  I am physically stronger and my foster family says I am the sweetest girl and very easy to love - so it looks like my work is paying off!

I love to go for walks.  When I see a leash come out my tail pops up and I patiently wait to be hooked up.  I promise to walk right by your side with no pulling or jumping around.  I am house broken,  crate trained (with a bit of coaxing to get in still), and I love to go for car rides.  My foster mom says she’s never had such a delightful passenger.  A fenced yard and a ball are all I need to have a good time outside because I will play as long as you can throw.  Bouncy balls are my favorite toys (inside or out).  Being in the yard to watch and chase squirrels is my favorite pastime.  I have lived with 6+ dogs in each of my previous homes.  My foster home has 2 dogs, and I like the smaller number best so far - another dog in the house gives me comfort.

The first 2 years of my life were filled with commotion, disorganization, lots of noise, and minimal human interaction.  Humans are less scary to me now than they were a few months ago, but I am still standoffish to new people.  Unexpected noises and loud voices do startle me, but as I learn the sounds of a house, and things become routine, I know I will relax more. I hope that if you have children, that they are older children who will be respectful of my hips.

NOTE FROM LUNA'S FOSTER MOM: Luna has been receiving therapy for hip issues, and is feeling ever so much better now that her pain is managed. Luna is a calm Airedale, and is looking for a similar type home that will be able to continue with her therapy.  She enjoys walks, humans that sit on the floor with her, getting a good hip/back scratch, Kong squeaky balls, car rides, and lounging in the yard.  A fenced yard, and a dog with a similar demeanor would surely make her smile.

Sadie Lou (15-002-IL)

Date of Birth: 3/10/2009

Weight: 59 pounds

State: Illinois

Contact: Mark Howitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-541-0166

Hi! My name is Sadie Lou and, as you may guess by my name, I am a southern gal and, as such, I am a cutie. I am up to date on my vaccinations and am heartworm negative, micro-chipped, and ready for a furever home. I have typical Airedale energy and need an outlet to release some of it. I love being around people and am good with kids but can be a little rambunctious so kids over five are probably better. I am housebroken and trustworthy when left alone. Car rides are great and I especially like to ride shotgun. I also enjoy going for walks but when I see another dog, I want to investigate them. Sometimes they don’t appreciate my enthusiasm and a barking session can result. It’s probably best that I be an only dog even though I lived with a Doberman buddy for two years and we were besties. I’m not fond of critters, so cats are out of the question. They look delicious to me. I also like to see what’s happening in the trash bins so lids are a must. I love to run (and sometimes dig) in my yard so an above ground fence would be best for me.

I would really like to live with someone that is home most of the time, has a fenced yard for me to enjoy, and is Airedale experienced so they know what to expect form an energetic, mischievous Airedale. If you are that person, please contact Mark right away.

Sorella (15-003-AR)**

Age: 11/2012  or 26 mos.

Weight:  60 pounds

State: Arkansas

Contact: Chris Bettis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 501-231-4300

** Sorella means "sister" and she is a very important sister to four year old Lucas .  Lucas is a neutered, terrier mix and he weighs 28 pounds.

If you ever

had a desire to have two, perfectly happy and well- adjusted dogs, this is your opportunity!

Lucas was adopted from a local shelter in Arkansas, then Sorella was added when she was six months old. These two special dogs have been together for over two years and we want them to be re-homed together.  Lucas is 28 pounds of cute terrier.

Sorella and Lucas were given up due to a move to a smaller place, and the fact that they spent most of the day outside together while the owner worked.  The owner loved these dogs but knew SOAR could find them a home where they would be loved, cherished, and where someone had lots of time to spend with them.  These two dogs are happy, sweet, loving, and have no baggage.  They are housebroken, were allowed complete run of the house, allowed on all furniture, they walk okay on leads, get along great with other dogs, love people, and are happy and well adjusted.  We can find nothing wrong with this pair.  They are current on all their vet care and are ready for their new home.  They are currently boarding at a doggie daycare and kennel facility and we have someone working with Sorella on brushing up her basic training. She knows sit perfectly!

We want their new family to be home more than not (retired is a plus), to have a fenced yard, to be active and like to walk and play with this duo.  Sorella is a young Airedale that would benefit from schedule play and activity and Lucas is a fun, small, pint sized guy, ready for action. Both enjoy time on the couch too.

If you believe that you are the perfect approved home for this wonderful, loving, duo, please contact Chris Bettis.  Please know that driving will be in your future if interested in adoption!

Sadie (15-004-AR)

Age: 29 months (born 8/2012)

Weight:  60 pounds

State: Arkansas

Contact: Chris Bettis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 501-231-4300

Sadie, Sadie pretty lady - that's me!

Sadie’s owner had never had an Airedale but always wanted one so her sister found Sadie on a social media list and she was bought.  Sadie was 27 months old.  Sadie was placed in a home that had many, many dogs; Miniature Poodles, multiple Maltese, and a Yorkie and got along well with all of the dogs in the household- unbelievably!  Then one day she stepped on the Yorkie in a bit of Airedale playfulness and broke the little one’s toe. The dog required vet care and a cast. Now this was a situation bound to happen as Airedales are big dogs and their play involves major muscle groups and fast movements - that is why we have a tendency to shy away from families with small dogs and small children. So poor Sadie needs to find another home and SOAR was lucky enough to take her in.

Previous owner was home most of the time and all the dogs had the run of the house. She did not have a fenced yard so Sadie had an outdoor “pen” where she was placed in to potty.  She did not have a lot of opportunity to be a true Airedale other than inside.  Big dogs need a safe, fenced yard to run and investigate, not a pen. She did not have vet care nor groomed.  I’m sure she felt totally invisible in this household.

Sadie is up to date on vet care, recently spayed, and groomed now (clipped short to remove all the mats) and pretty as a picture.  Her confidence has taken a hit while at the vet office but we know that once she feels secure and loved again, she will be all the Airedale she can be. We are wanting a family that is home more than not home, for Sadie as she is use to that.  She needs to be an only dog or a second dog with a similar size and playfulness - preferably male.  She needs a savvy owner who understands Airedales and who can work with her on her basic training.  She has not had a lot of discipline but is willing to please (as much as any Airedale is willing) and an active household that will take her walking, running, and include her as part of their family. She has not had a lot of car rides so introducing fun short trips (like the drive-thru for some chicken nuggets!) is definitely in order.  She is a puller on lead so a head halter or non-pull harness may be in order.  Walking always gets better with practice so getting in a couple walks a day would be perfect for her.  Sadie needs some polishing and guidance and will be the perfect companion at the perfect age - past puppy but full of life and playfulness.

She gave kisses the entire time to the groomer so we know she is very sweet and just needs a home of her own.  If you think you are the perfect approved home for Sadie, please contact Chris Bettis.

Roxy (15-005-OH)

4 years

Date of Birth:   Unknown

Weight:   55 pounds

State: Ohio

Contact: Mark Howitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-541-0166

Roxy has just come into rescue and we are beginning to get to know her.  We don’t have any really good photos yet, and she still needs to be groomed and some vetting done.  We will post a better bio and photos in a week or so.  Roxy is a pretty girl under her winter coat and will need some time to adjust to the changes in her life.  Do you have the love and understanding she needs?

  • She gets along with other dogs and kids (photos attached of each). She has not been around kids under the age of 6.
  • She is 4 years old.  We only know her approximate age.  Her previous owner got her when she was about 2 years old and had her for about 2 years.
  • She weighs 55 pounds and could stand to lose about 5 pounds.
  • She is spayed and is now up to date on everything. 
  • She needs a grooming, which we will schedule.
  • She enjoys being petted, and she was pretty low key in when meeting the volunteer who picked her up.
  • She rides well in a car. 
  • We were told that she is housebroken, but leaks some.  We still need to check that out.
  • There were 8 other dogs in the waiting room at the vet. She was excited and only wanted to go play with them.  She whined.
  • Her tail was tucked most of the time with people. This change in her life is a little unsettling for her.
  • She lights up when around other dogs.  She would probably do best with another dog friend.
  • She met a cat in her foster home and is good with cats.

Lucky (15-001-MI)

5 years

Date of Birth: 10/1/2009

Weight: 78 pounds

State: Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-541-0166

On the flip side, Lucky would also love someone who LOVES to throw Wubbas and Frisbees, go for walks, and do some training with him.  If you live near a lake it would be a plus as Lucky loves the water!  Lucky is fun and affectionate, but needs someone who is dog savvy and not a pushover, as Lucky gets in trouble when he is in charge.  He is with one of our trainers and we are still getting to know him.  If you think you are just the guy that Lucky has been waiting for - maybe today could be his ‘lucky’ day!  Give Mark a shout.

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