Ainu village

ainu village

A beautiful day in the Mountains and Marshlands

Soon after we left the town of Kushiro we entered the National Park and were restricted to 50kph, a perfect speed for seeing and photographing the countryside and wildlife. We saw cranes and ibis on the low land. In the mountains deer and fox were easier to spot where the snow was on the ground.

As it was mid April and very early spring this far north the trees were bare. The snow covered ground in the mountains enhanced the beauty of the undulating ground and the fast running streams. Lake Akun was frozen and with the imposing snow covered volcano overlooking it, providing a beautiful backdrop for lunch. Lunch was an experience in itself. It was a buffet that presented Japanese food in its excellence and also catered for Western taste. It was tempting to overeat as you could replenish your plate as often as you wished.

Restrooms along the way were convenient and clean, catering for Asians and Westerners.

The Ainu Cultural Experience was very interesting, the dancing and singing was fascinating and the associated explainations informative.

The Marshland exhibition provided for both indoor and outdoor observation. For those who choose not to walk outside an exhibition explaining the Wetlands is provided. While coffee and souvenirs are available for purchase at the Gift Shop.

I consider it value for money because Kushiro is remote, the town is small. To see what the area has to offer, you have to get out into the surrounding area and know what there is to see. You could hire a car but you have to find petrol, lunch and know the time of the Ainu Performance. Driving on mountainous roads in icy conditions is stressful and sighting wildlife more difficult. All in all this tour is a better option.

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