ainu dogs

Common Name. Ainu Dog

Other Common Names. Ainu Inu, Hokkaido Dog, Ainu-Ken, Ochi Dog, Ainu Inu, Hokkaido Dog

Origin or Range. Japan

Relative Size. Average

Average Lifespan. 11 years

Compatibility. Relatively Aggressive

Because of its desirable traits (courage and loyalty) the Ainu has been bred for over three thousand years, and was designated a Natural Monument in 1937. Many think that the Ainu is the oldest Japanese breed of dog. Though originally used for the purposes of hunting, the Ainu now enjoys its role as a companion and/or guard dog.

The Ainu makes a great guard dog, on account of his suspicion of strangers. He is brave and courageous and for this reason he makes a fearless defender. When he senses strangers on his master’s property, he is known to bark. The breed is also known for its strength and agility, and it is still occasionally used as a hunter and guard dog. Though fearless and aware, Ainus are neat and well behaved. Though they

can still be used as hunters and defenders, Ainu dogs have comfortably adjusted into their new role as house pets in Japan, America, and abroad. Despite its long history as a “working” breed, the Ainu Dog ideally makes a great house pet. They are intelligent and easily trainable, loyal and fun-loving. The dog makes a desirable house pet.

Ainu Dogs will grow to an average height of 18 to 22 inches, and will weigh in between 45 and 65 pounds at maturity. Its coat should be kept relatively short and thick, and they also have undercoats. Acceptable coat colors are sesame, brindle, “wolf-gray,” reddish-brown, or white. He may not be large, but he possesses a powerful structure and muscular body. Ainus have broad triangular shaped heads with pricked ears, and their eyes are dark and set deeply. Its tail should be set high, arching over onto its back. On average, Ainus will live 11 to 13 yrs.

Also known as the “Ainu Inu,” “Ainu-Ken” and “Hokkaido Dog,” the Ainu’s origins are closely tied with the Ainu Tribe of ancient Japan.

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