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Ainu Dog (Hokkaido) Overview

What Makes Ainu Dogs Magnificent?

The Ainu Dog is well-balanced, well-boned and sturdily built. Among the breeds talents are; hunting, guardian and protector, watchdog and above all, companion. The Ainu Dog is courageous and self-confident, intelligent, quickly trained and very obedient. This dog is extremely loyal and devoted to its owner, combining the role of companion and hunter very well.


Ainu Dog (Hokkaido) Breed Story

The Ancient Breed

The Ainu Dog is considered one of the oldest and wildest of the Japanese breeds. Its origins date back 3,000 years, when the Ainu tribe first arrived in Japan and brought with them Spitz type dogs. The Ainu people were forced from Honshu (the main island of Japan) to the remote northern island of Hokkaido during the Kamakura era in the 1140s with the arrival of the Yamato people in Japan. Their dogs became restricted to this island and the Ainu Dog developed as a distinct breed.

The Ever Popular Breed

The breeds alert and suspicious nature meant they were extremely suited to their roles as village guardians. They also helped the Ainu people survive in the rugged and very cold conditions of Hokkaido, and the dogs became fine hunters and gatherers too. The Ainu Dog was also a very capable retriever in the water, and was well-trained to catch salmon during the spring salmon runs. The very brave Ainu Dog also protected the people from the fearsome bears on the island.

The breed has changed very little over the centuries. The history of the Ainu Dog is closely related to the Ainu people; however, the breed was originally named the Hokkaido, after the island that it has inhabited for so long.

Although the ancestry of the breed is unknown, their blue-black tongues suggest that they are strongly related

to the Chow Chow and the Shar Pei. The Ainu Dog is very popular in its native Japan but is rarely seen elsewhere. So highly regarded by the Japanese, the Ainu Dog was declared a Natural Monument of Japan in 1937.

Ainu Dog (Hokkaido) Standards

country of origin: Japan

Height approximately (at wither/shoulder): Male 48.5-51.5 cm / 19-51.5 inches (standards may vary); Female 45.5-48.5 cm / 17.75-48.5 inches (standards may vary);

Weight approximately: Male 20-30 Kg / 45-65 lbs (standards may vary); Female 20-30 Kg / 45-65 lbs (standards may vary)

Lifespan: 11-13 years: Average

A thin, muscular, sturdy dog of clean cut lines. The skull is broad and slightly flat, and the stop is shallow but defined. The muzzle is wedge-shaped and the nasal bridge straight. The nose is black; flesh colour is permitted with a white coat. The eyes are relatively small, triangular shaped and dark-brown in colour. The ears are small, triangular and firmly pricked. The teeth are strong and meet with a scissor bite. The back is straight and strong and the chest has a well developed forechest and is deep and moderately broad. The forequarters are straight and clean cut and the hindquarters are powerful and strong. The tail is set on high, thick and carried over the back vigorously curled or curved like a sickle. The outer coat is harsh and straight and the undercoat is soft and dense. The hair on the tail is longer.

Ainu Dog (Hokkaido) Temperament

Ainu Dogs are courageous and self confident, very alert and suspicious. They are highly intelligent and quickly-trained, well-behaved and obedient in the home. Ainu Dogs are very loyal, affectionate and docile towards their masters and devoted to their families. A breed with endurance, they require sufficient daily exercise. They are good hunters as well as companion dogs. Consistent and firm training is required.

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