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The Afghan Hound is a beautiful and majestic breed of dog. Graceful and elegant, the aristocratic Afghan Hound is a member of the greyhound family believe it or not. For hundreds of years exportation of the Afghan hound was forbidden. The breed was first created to hunt for leopard, wolves and jackals. These days the Afghan hound’s life is not so exciting, typically gentle and well behaved, it has become a pet which defines luxury and style and is popular throughout England the rest of Europe and the USA. The breed’s defining features include it’s slender body and proud head.


Gentle, obedient, friendly and calm. Traits which define the Afghan hound as an excellent family pet. The breed mostly has little interest in becoming dominant over others in it’s pack, and is generally submissive. These dogs make great companions for older children in particular, and over time will form a strong bond. The breed is often reserved and a little suspicious of strangers however hostility is rare if ever.


The Afghan Hound has a thick long coat which requires a significant grooming regime. The breed needs to be brushed at least once a week

as well as regular baths. Failing to do so will result in excessive matting of the dogs coat. The breed will shed it’s coat, more so in the summer, but not to excess. Afghan Hounds coats are very delicate, and should never be brushed dry, only ever after a bath or using water to dampen the fur before brushing.


Afghan Hounds are known to live extremely long and heathly lives, and are prone to very few genetic health issues. Afghan Hounds have very low pain thresholds so minor injuries can often cause more apparent suffering than expected.


Afghan Hounds do very well outside, they love to run and play in the daylight. Originally bread as a hunter, they need lots of time to run off the lead. Regular exercise is a must in wide open spaces. Afghan Hounds are incredibly fast and agile and are often used to aid people with visual impairments. It is not recommended that this dog be kept in confined spaces or small flats.


The Afghan Hound responds well to firm and gentle training techniques, it has been known to be difficult to properly house train this breed of dog.

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