Baset Hound Puppies for sale in the UK

Having a life-span of between 8 and 12 years, Basset Hound Dogs are a breed that is short-legged and hailing from the hound family. They form one among the six Basset breeds recognized in France. These domestic animals are classified as scent hounds and were bred originally for hunting hare and rabbits. Their tracking smelling sense is only second to that exhibited by the bloodhound. Basset hounds normally come in standard hound dual or trial colour forms.

Temperament of Basset Hounds

The Basset Hound falls among the dogs having the most easy-going and good-natured temperament. You will notice the amiable nature of this dog towards its counterparts, fellow-pets and children, who ought to be cautioned against straining its back during play. These hounds keep calm on the inside, yet require regular exercising in order to keep fit. They prefer conducting their investigations rather slowly and love sniffing and trailing in the process.

Bassets are quite determined and

talented trackers not easily dissuaded from their courses. As a result therefore, they may get on some trail and follow it to the point of being lost. A basset hound tends to move slowly and may thus appear to be stubborn. This dog makes a loud bay and uses it once excited on a particular trail.

Taking Care of Basset Hound Dogs

Bassets require mild daily exercising, which may be satisfied by playing in a yard or walking on leash. They do very well as house dogs especially when given access to the yard. Their coats require grooming to a minimal degree only, though their face might need routine cleaning around the wrinkles and mouth. Basset hounds as well have a tendency to drool.

Major concerns for this dog breed includes lameness, ectropion, entropion and OCD. Foot cysts plus infection comprise the minor concerns for anyone handling the hound dog. It is advisable to perform blood and eye tests as well.

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