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The Afghan Hound originated in Afghanistan where it was used to hunt rabbits and gazelle.  It also has been known by the names Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barutzy Hound,Shalgar Hound, Galandy Hound and Kabul Hound.  This breed also has earned the nickname “The King Of Dogs”.  The Afghan is an ancient breed dating back thousands of years.

The Afghan Hound is a very tall and distinguished looking breed.  They usually stand between 24 to 29 inches in height and weigh between approximately 45-60 lbs when mature.

The Afghan Hound rates quite low on the scale of intelligence when testing is based strictly on obedience commands.  This breed is quite independent and will occasionally choose to ignore commands given.  However this doesn’t mean with patience and creative training you can’t train an Afghan!  In the photo above you can see an Afghan Hound moving through weave poles during an agility run.

Afghan Hounds come in a variety of colors.  White markings are discouraged as far as breed standards are concerned.

While Afghan Hounds are fairly inactive when they are indoors, this is a breed that needs long daily walks and would do best with a great deal of fenced in space in which to run. 

This breed excels in the sport of Lure Coursing.

Afghan Hounds are sensitive and can often be aloof.  They need gentle but consistant training as they are quite independent.  Harsh corrections should never be used with this breed as they will always do more harm than good!

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Afghans must be used to grooming at a young age as they need a LOT of it to keep their long, thick coats free from mats and tangles.  Owners who can’t keep up with the grooming will need to keep their coats shaved short.

Like all sighthounds, the Afghan Hound often has a natural affinity for chasing small animals.  Some may do alright in homes with cats if they are introduced at a young age, but sometimes they can show aggresion towards felines.

This Afghan Hound was surrendered to a shelter because she is all white. This is considered a fault in the show world.  It doesn’t mean she won’t make a wonderful pet for someone!  You can find almost any breed in a breed specific rescue.

The image above shows an Afghan puppy!  As you can see, they go through an interesting awkward phase where they don’t really resemble their elegant parents!

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