Afghan hound names

afghan hound names

TAZI - Afghanistan name for the Afghan Hound ("one who runs")

Persian Greyhounds - Early name for the Afghan Hound

Barukhzy Hound - Early name for the Afghan Hound

In June of 1929 the American Kennel Gazette published this ad when there was a scarce supply of Afghan Hounds in the United States:

"To own one is to love one! The Afghan Hound gains daily in popularity. The oldest known breed of domestic dog. Wonderful companions and house dogs. Charming dispositions, gentle, equally amiable to children and other dogs. Easily trained for any sport. Immune to either intense heat or cold. Prices range from $150 to $1000."

The Afghan Hound of today are direct descendants of ancient Middle Eastern breeds, sometimes referred to as Persian or Oriental greyhounds. The Afghan Hound, Saluki, Greyhound originated in the ancient Persian empire.

The Afghan Hound remained a hidden treasure for centuries, hidden within the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan. It was at the end of the 1800's when the Afghan Hound first set foot in Europe. An Afghan Hound named Zardin arrived in England in 1907. He was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Alexandra. Zardin created a awe struck society but within a year of his arrival the fuss over Zardin died out. He was sold to a dog dealer, never to be heard from again.

Zardin, found in Quetta, India before being imported to England.


Despite Zardin's misfortune he did set a standard for Afghan Hound imports in the future. Zardin's arrival was premature, the Afghan Hound craze was set in motion shortly after his departure. Although Afghan Hounds started popping up in America in the 1920's, its American history begins in 1931. Zeppo Marx, the youngest Marx brother, while shooting a film in England decided to bring back a pair of Afghan Hounds for breeding purposes. Zeppo brought with him Omar, the dog, Asra, the bitch. Omar and Asra's second litter was produced on the spacious Prides Hill kennels. It was from this litter that Ch. Kabul of Prides Hill became the first Afghan Hound champion in America in October of 1934.

Throughout the years while my friends vacationed around the Globe, I was given the honor of dog sitting numerous breeds. From a Shih Tzu to Collies, Siberian Husky to my sisters Bouvier. As much as I admire these beautiful dogs, it wasn't until I came into contact with the Afghan Hound before I found the breed I admired the most. The Afghan Hounds elegant look, soft silky coat and graceful stride make for a appealing companion. They even know how beautiful they look, their arrogant posture gives it away. One of the best joys of the Afghan Hound is having them cuddle up with you.

This is Kabul and Sedan. Kabul being named after the the capital of Afghanistan. These photos where taken a year apart, Kabul being one year older than Sedan.

To view more pics of my Niece and Nephew, Kabul and Sedan, click their page link.

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