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The Afghan hound was found in western region of Afghanistan in eighteenth century. From that it was introduced to England. Until before the history of Afghan hound was unknown, but some theories are there which gives the information on Afghan hound. The Afghan hound lived in ancient Egypt. For a long time the Afghan hound Breed is used as a hunter, herder and coursing hound. Captain Barff brought afghan hound to England in 1907.

The breeding of the Afghan hound began in the west but did not appear until 1920. Next in 1926 it is recognized by the American Kennel Club. From that onwards Afghan hound became a popular in dog shows and as a family pet. The Afghan hound is one of oldest modern dog. It is recognised by AKC, FCI, CKC and UKC.

The Afghan hound is looking very tall. The coat is long, thick with silky nature and straight which is short on face. The coat flanks, hindquarters, forequarters, and legs covered with long thick hair. Afghan hound breed has a straight front, eyes gazing at a distance and proudly carried head. The neck is good length, arched and strong, curve along with the long shoulders which are slopping and well laid back. In the backward appearance from the shoulders it is look like a lion. The tail is not too long having a curve at the end.

The forelegs are long between the elbow and pastern and straight, very strong.

The forefeet are large in both width and lengthening eyes are in triangle shape like almond shape. The traditional characteristic of Afghan hound is forming a smooth back in mature dogs. The pads of feet are very thin and small. The appearance of Afghan hound is described as “aristocratic with a farseeing expression”.

Available in all colors, in single common color and spotted ones.

Males contain 27 inches of height and the female dogs are 25 inches.

The weight of the male dogs 60 lbs and female contain 50 lbs.

A healthy afghan hound dog lives 11 to 13 years.

The Afghan Hound is looking reserved and in dignified manner. When compare to the other dogs personal protection is very low. It is not suitable for a guard dog but highly suitable for risk of sheep worrying. The tendency of barking is low. The dog may be break down in the pasterns because of the straightness of the shoulders which is considered as a serious fault of Afghan hound.

Afghan Hound as a Pet

The Afghan hound breed is highly compatible with the other animals. It has a great affection and loyalty for their masters. The personality can be developed between 6 to 16 months of age which is the right time for socialization. They do best as a Family Pet. The pain tolarence is very low even for minor injuries.

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