Afghan hound dog

afghan hound dog


  • Low energy level
  • Medium exercise needs
  • Moderately playful
  • Somewhat Affectionate
  • Friendly towards other dogs
  • Friendly around other pets
  • Shy around strangers
  • Easy to train
  • Great watchdogs
  • Not very protective
  • High grooming requirements
  • Medium tolerance to heat
  • Medium tolerance to cold

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    The Afghan Hound has a dignified look, very majestic and almost royal, yet they have the ability to easily run down fleet game with their double-suspension gallop. This dog breeds large feet offer them extra protection from injury while providing a better foothold during chase.

    He’s a hunter at heart, and thrives on regular exercise, but you may have a tough time getting him to come when you call. Despite its desire and need to be outside and chasing small animals, he will behave indoors as well.

    As a family pet, the Afghan Hound is good with children, but is not likely to be the playful pet they were hoping for. He has often been compared to a cat, enjoying his independence but being more sensitive

    than some. This breed can often times be somewhat amusing to his family.

    • Best suited to being a part of the family as opposed to living outdoors, even though they can handle cool to temperate climates
    • Health conditions that need to be tested for include eye issues
    • Grooming needs include every-other-day brushing and more when shedding the puppy coat.
    • The Afghan Hound is a friendly, somewhat affectionate breed that can be easily trained
    • Has a great relationship with family members, young and old, not very protective but do make great watchdogs. He’s not as playful with children as they might hope for
    • The average size of a male is 60lbs and 27 inches tall
    • The average size of a female is 50lbs and 25 inches tall

    Care & Health:

    Take the afghan for a daily walk, and preferably a short run where he’s not going to knock over small children. He likes his exercise, as most hounds do, and although his coat can help him exist comfortably outdoors in a temperate climate, this breed really is happier indoors on his own soft bed.

    Be prepared to brush or comb the afghan at least every other day, and more when he sheds his puppy coat.

    Major Health Concerns:

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